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The Star Alliance is the biggest airline alliance. It seems to be constantly expanding, "Star logojets" appear to be constantly increasing in numbers, as new members join. Worldwide coverage and some big, high-standing brand-names are featured here.


"The airline network for Earth"



14 May 1997

Number of aircraft

2 711 

Airbus share

494 = 18%

Boeing share

1 502 = 55%

Aircraft on order


Founding members

Air Canada, Lufthansa, Scandinavian, Thai, United

Additional members

Air New Zealand (March 1999)
All Nippon Airways (October 1999)
Ansett Australia (March 1999)
Austrian Airlines (26 March 2000)
British Midland (1 July 2000)
Lauda Air (26 March 2000)
Mexicana (1 July 2000)
Singapore Airlines (1 April 2000)
Tyrolean (26 March 2000)
VARIG (October 1997)

Number of employees

296 122

Future members

none announced.

Former members


Major Hubs

Europe: Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London Heathrow, Paris CDG, Stockholm, Vienna

America: Buenos Aires, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo

Asia: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo

Africa: -

Oceania: Auckland, Sydney