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Oneworld is the second-biggest airline alliance at this time. It can be seen as AA's and BA's "response" to Lufthansa's and United's Star Alliance. New members have been steadily added, and worldwide coverage plus some big brand-names show up.


"Oneworld revolves around you"



1 February 1999.

Number of aircraft

1 975 

Airbus share

175 = 9%

Boeing share

1 292 = 65%

Aircraft on order


Founding members

American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas

Additional members

Finnair (Sep 1999)
Iberia (Sep 1999)
Aer Lingus (Jun 2000)
LAN Chile (Jun 2000)

Number of employees

251 965

Future members

none announced.

Former members

Canadian:  merged into Air Canada as of July 2000.

Major Hubs

Europe: Dublin, London LHR, London LGW, Helsinki, Madrid, Manchester

America: Chicago, Dallas DFW, New York JFK, Santiago de Chile

Asia: Hong Kong

Africa: -

Oceania: Sydney