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Qualiflyer 2. Apr 2001: The long waited press conference will be held at 10.30 at Zurich. It will be covered live an Swiss TV and N-TV, as well as over the website of SAirGroup (

Mario Corti, the new CEO of SAirGroup will present the financial situation of SAirGroup. It is expected, that the losses will be about 2.5bn CHF.

Mario Corti is also expected to present the new organisation of SAirGroup. Above all he aims at replacing the name "SAirGroup" with the simple and well known "Swissair". The new organisation will be more efficient.

More as soon as possible. 


Skyteam 21. March 2001: CSA joins SkyTeam


Qualiflyer 4. Feb 2001: Paul Reutlinger, currently CEO of the French Qualiflyer Airlines Air Littoral, AOM and Air Liberté will leave SairGroup at the end of February 2001.
Skyteam 3. Feb 2001: Continental Airlines is said to be in very early merger talks with Delta Airlines. If the deal goes thru, CO will take over the bigger company Delta Airlines
Qualiflyer 2. Feb 2001: SairGroup announces, that it will not buy into Turkish Airlines
Qualiflyer 2. Feb 2001: SAirGroup will extend the 10% South African Airways share option to end 2001. The 10% option, valued at R700m, had already been extended by three months until the end of February.
Qualiflyer 31. Jan 2001: SAirGroup anounces, it will not buy the 34% of TAP Air Portugal, which were part of a plan to privatize TAP Air Portugal.


Qualiflyer 23. Jan 2001: SAirGroup replaced its CEO and announced it would reexamine its holdings in other airlines, including Sabena. The primary goal of SAirGroup is to boost the profitability of Swissairand the Swiss-based regional airline Crossair, said Chairman Eric Honegger, who temporarily took over as chief executive from Philippe Bruggisser. Honegger told reporters the company also wants to see Sabena, in which it holds a 49.5 percent stake, improve its performance. Their SAA shares (SAirGroup holds 20% of SAA) will not be selled.

SairLines, where all airlines (Swissair, Balair, Crossair) and participations (Qualiflyer airlines plus SAA) are managed will be headed by former Crossair CEO Moritz Suter.

Oneworld The chief executives of British Airways Plc and American Airlines held two days of secret talks last week aimed at reviving plans for closer commercial ties, the Financial Mail on Sunday said.

The talks were a clear indication that the companies' hopes of forming an alliance on transatlantic routes, abandoned 18 months ago because of regulatory hurdles, are now back on track.

The alliance is largely restricted to sharing frequent-flyer schemes, airport lounges and a little marketing. Regulators have refused to let them take the next steps of selling seats on each other's flights and coordinating schedules and prices.

Star The European Union approved United Airlines' $4.3 billion bid to acquire US Airways, saying Friday that its concerns that the deal would reduce competition between Europe and the United States had been addressed by United's commitment to sell some airport landing and takeoff rights in Germany.
Oneworld American Airlines has agreed to acquire most of Trans World Airlines Inc.'s assets for about $500 million in a deal that will bring an end to the financially troubled TWA, whose roots can be traced back 75 years. 






all The three airlines Air France, KLM and SAirGroup have discounted themselves from buying into Malaysian Airline System (MAS) leaving Australia's Qantas Airways as the only potential buyer of a stake in the national carrier.


Qualilyer Despite the rumours of a possible merger of Swissair with either Lufthansa, British Airways or American Airlines, Swissair parent holding SairGroup decided not to change their actual strategy but to leave all possibilities open. This means, that Swissair will not be sold and a desinvestment of the actual Qualiflyer airlines is not imminent anymore.


Star Lufthansa will start nonstop flights between Berlin and Washington on 25. March 2001. Six flights weekly will be flown ex Tegel to the US capital by a Lufthansa long-haul Airbus A340. 
Qualiflyer Swissair introduced a slightly modified livery. All Swissair aircraft will weir a blue belly. Other Qualiflyer airlines will decide themselves, if they want to adopt this blue belly - as sign of the Qualiflyer membership - as well, or not. Air Liberté, AOM and Volare have already painted their first aircraft with the blue belly.
Wings KLM and Malaysian Airlines will start a new code share flight from Amsterdam to Perth, with a stop over at Kuala Lumpur.
Star Singapore Airlines and Air Canada start a new code share flight linking Singapore and Canada via London Heathrow or Copenhagen.
Qualiflyer Turkish Airlines is rumoured to leave Qualiflyer Group and to start an own FF programm. Next year, a part of the Turkish Airlines shares will be offered to interested airlines. 
Qualiflyer The Swissair winter timetable will show new destinations and more frequencies on the European, Asian and South American network. Starting on 29 October, Swissair will offer together with AOM 17 daily flights to Paris. From Geneva only Paris Orly will be served (AOM) from Zurich, Paris Orly and Charles De Gaulle will be served (AOM and Swissair). Flights to Austria will also be increased in cooperation with Tyrolean, a Star Alliance member. Swissair will also offer new code share flights with Iberia to Spain. This would be another code share partner who is member of Oneworld Alliance.

A new destination will be Pristina in Albania (4 weekly flights), while frequencies to Tokyo, Hongkong, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires will be increased.


Oneworld / Wings

21 September 2000: The merger talks between KLM and BA ended today. The main reasons were, according to BA CEO Rod Eddington, that KLM appeared unhappy that BA, Europe's largest airline, would control the merged entity. Other problems were also the choice of the American partner and of course political and regulatory hurdles.

At the NYSE, KLM shares went down 16.8% to $19-7/16 while BA shares went up by 4.54 % to $44-5/8.


17. Sept. 2000: Northwest and KLM will double its frequencies between US and India to 14 weekly flights. The flights will be operated by Northwest.


17. Sept. 2000: Iberia and British Airways will add further 15 code share operations to the existing 21 routes currently operated as code share. British Airways holds a 9% equity of Iberia shares. Both airlines are members of Oneworld alliance.


16. Sept. 2000: Balair, the charter airline of Swissair parent holding SairGroup, will join the Qualiflyer Frequent Flyer Program on 1 November 2000. This will only apply to Balairs long haul flights however.


16. Sept. 2000: Lufthansa is said to be in take over talks with European regional airline Eurowings.


16. Sept. 2000: British Midland launches direct scheduled services from Manchester Airport to Washington Dulles and Chicago O’Hare next Spring. The daily return service to Washington DC will commence on 30 April 2001, followed by a daily return service between Manchester and Chicago from 21 May 2001. Both services will be operated on a code share basis with British Midland’s Star Alliance partner, United Airlines.


16. Sept. 2000: Lufthansa will begin new flights to Denver and Phoenix starting April, 2001. United Airlines, on the other hand, will also begin seasonal flight to Frankfurt from Denver during summer, 2001.


16. Sept. 2000: American Airlines Inc. said Tuesday it would seek new partners such as Swissair and Sabena to fill the void in its oneworld marketing alliance if British Airways PLC strikes a deal to buy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines of the Netherlands. Such a deal could ally British Airways and KLM partner Northwest Airlines Inc.

Source: Dallas News, 16. Sept. 2000


14. Sept. 2000: Unconfirmed press rumours say, that Iberia and Palma de Mallorca based airline Air Europa are in take over talks. More to come as soon as details are revealed.


9. Sept. 2000: BA and KLM to announce by end of September decision to merge or not.

On 20 August 2000, it was reported, that SairGroup has commissioned a leading firm of consultants to study the benefits of a tie-up with BA -- and it has concluded that the Swiss carrier would be a stronger partner than KLM.


9. Sept. 2000: Hungary announced plans to sell off a stake in national airline Malev but to retain a 50 percent holding, plus one share. Besides an membership in one of the big alliances, Malev also needs a large capital injection.

Malev had an alliance with Alitalia , which bought a 30 percent stake in the Hungarian firm in 1992. But in 1997 the European Union forced the Italian airline to sell the stake.

According to press reports, Malev had unsuccessful talks with Lufthansa , Swissair and British Airways about a partnership. Air France and Delta Air Lines have been also been eyeing the Hungarian carrier, according to recent media reports. KLM has also been cited in media reports as a potential partner for Malev.


9. Sept. 2000: Air France and Alitalia in talks again. The Italian carrier would have made clear that were two choices for them: Swissair and Air France.


9. Sept. 2000: SAirGroup draws back its plan to acquire a 35% share of Portugalia, as it is expected, that EU commission would not accept the proposed take over. The main problem is, that EU commission considers the take over as a danger for the competition in the Portuguese air traffic, as TAP Air Portugal and Portugalia would have the same ownership.


9. Sept. 2000: Malaysian to announce decision which alliance it will join.

In the race are Oneworld and Qualiflyer. Oneworld has the lead. The Malaysian government offered Qantas reduced landing fees, if the Australian flag carrier should decide to use Kuala Lumpur as future hub

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