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> About AirlineAlliance 

The website

AirlineAlliance aims to remain focussed on high-quality information and discussion, to be found both in the website and the e-group. Our ultimate target is to become THE leading airline alliance reference location on the Internet!

The webmasters

Gerardo Dominguez: Co-moderator of the AirlineAlliance e-group and the Airbus Forum and together with Erik Koning webmaster of this site. Other websites are Impressions@ZRH and together with Dennis Lam also webmaster of the Airbus Network. Age 35, Spaniard, born and still living in Switzerland, actually not far away from ZRH. One of Gerardo's main interest is civil aviation and of course airline alliances.

Erik Koning: Owner/moderator of the AirlineAlliance e-group, and together with Gerardo, webmaster of this website. Age 33, half Dutch, half Austrian, and currently living in the vicinity of Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. One of Erik's main interests is of course airlines and alliances!

How to contact us

If you want to discuss about airline alliances, join us at the AirlineAlliance e-group. If you want to write us an email regarding this site, feel free to contact us at .


The AirlineAlliance moderators and webmasters
Gerardo Dominguez and Erik Koning